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    On May 11th, 9 comics will cut out most of their bullshit act and leave you with the joke/jokes they keep closest to their hearts- their closers. Jam packed with their own personal favorites, old faithfuls and maybe even some new tricks, I’ll Leave You With This will teach these comics their ABCs- ALWAYS. BE. CLOSING. 

    drinks/snacks available 

    Sean Keane
    Joey Devine
    Eloisa Bravo
    David Gborie
    Gabrielle O Poccia
    Jason Dove
    Matt Lieb
    Walker Glenn
    Jesse Hett

    and your host Jane Harrison
    (credit due to producer/mastermind: Sammy Wegent)

    Guys, the first show I’m co-producing/hosting is this Sunday. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be fucking incredible. COME THE FUCK OUT

    Another poster for another show. But this time it’s my show. ALL MINE

  2. janeharrisoncomedy:

    another comedy poster I did for what will definitely be a wonderful show! WITH direction from Mary Van Note

    here’s the show info- 

    Shit Creek

    love edition
    Weds June 4th

    The summer camp you never got to experience. Comedy! Storytelling! Variety! 
    with your counselors Jesse Fernandez, DJ Real, and Mary Van Note. 
    Special guests Christie Mettel and Jesse Hett.

  3. Talkies is my favorite poster to make. Always. 

  4. Quick and dirty. Poster I made for the best comedy show in SF, The Business. 

  5. I’ve been making some comedy posters in my spare time. For some of my favorite comics at some of my favorite venues! More to come…

  6. I created this project for a graphic design course called Experimentation, taught by Jeremy Mende of Mende Design. We were given a short poem and asked to explore material based interpretations of the piece. I decided to focus on the cannibalistic, cyclical nature of the poem by utilizing bones of various animals and preserved moths.

  7. My thesis is finally done and it was a smashing success. I got help from so many people that I’m entirely too lazy to name all of them, but they know who they are, and anyways, this isn’t the Oscars. So I hope you enjoy!

  8. Work in progress for experimentation. Stop motion, with music by Daniel Johnston.

    And yes, the word “correct” is spelled wrong. Analog typos are the worst!

  9. Work in progress for my thesis, still a long way to go though…

  10. Dr. Dick Richards, OB/GYN